Shark Hoodie 3D Shirt by MouthMan

Shark Hoodie 3D Shirt Sponsored by MouthMan® 

 Shark Hoodie

I was searching one day for something really cool to get Jahmier, I as a child always love cool and unique clothing, shoes and apparel!

So I came across the MouthMan® website!  Ok so it looked a little strange at first, and I was super excited!  Thinking hmmm..It would be awesome for Jahmier to go back to school with THIS SHIRT!  Yes!, this is exactly the type of unique I was looking for!

MouthMan 3D Shark Shirt

Shark Hoodie is Sponsored by  MouthMan® and here is a little bit about them!

About 30 years ago a man by the name of Ross Valory had a vision as he saw a group of children running around chomping each other with their elbows and said HEY!  I bet I could come up with a shirt that have giants mouths on them so the children could chomp everything that came in their way!   Ross introduced his idea to Prairie Prince and they cam up with 3 airbrush designs, for a gator, a shark, and a tiger!  That my friends brought the chomping to life!

Now I am not sure if you know who Ross Valery or Prairie Prince are but we definitely know who they are!  They are band members of Journey!  Ross (bass, and backing vocals) and Prairie (drummer).  A few years later they included award winning digital artist Dave Williams (AKA Wavid), a ton of hard work, legal aspects, the Animated MouthMan® Animated Apparel became a reality!   Now I know I am supposed to be talking about their MouthMan® shirt, but I want you all to know that we love Journey, and if you don’t know who they are you need to listen to them!  They are an amazing band, just ask my 8 year old!  My boys sing to them in the shower on a daily basis!  Yes!  I hear Journey everyday!

MouthMan Shark Shirt Giveaway Collage

Shark Hoodie 3D Shirt is super amazing for the children’s imagination!  Jahmier has chomped his way around everything that has come in his way!  He thinks this is the coolest shirt ever!

When we received the Shark Hoodie, Jahmier didn’t wait a minute to put it on!  He was jumping around like he was 4 years old again!  He put it on and went to chomping.  The day we received the Shark Hoodie it was about 90 degrees out!  So after an hour or so, I had said, Jah let’s take that off for a while it is a little warm to wear a long sleeve shirt.  He replied with “MOM!, actually I am not hot, this is not just any shirt!  It has gills to keep him cool!”  All I could do was laugh!  Boy oh boy is he a comedian or what?!  I absolutely love when the creative juices are flowing in my child’s head!  He is so awesome and I love that!

Shark Hoodie 3D is made from high quality silky soft fabric is an innovative new eco-friendly fabric on the market- 100% polyester Sport Jersey  (the same fabric used for high quality cycle wear, surf and sports active wear)Its lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking and has a UPF rating of 50+ Wear it alone,  in the sun or in the water- or as an under/over layer!  Best of of all– it’s made from recycled plastic bottles!

Thank you MouthMan® for the amazing opportunity to not only review this amazing 3D Shark Hoodie, but for also putting a smile on my little mans face!  I love the story behind MoothMan® Shirts and I hope you all have enjoyed this review!

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Hurry the discount won’t be here LONG!

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Now who would love one of these amazing MouthMan Shark Hoodie Shirts?

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  1. tiffany treaster says

    Wow! This is a great site!!! I love the shark, sock monkey, orca, and the hugs n kisses. So fun!!!

  2. Tricia Igo says

    hard to pick just one!! but I think the Hugs & Kisses adult hoodie would be my favorite. I have a daughter who is OBSESSED with sharks, so she’d probably pick that one!

  3. Jessica Parent says

    I liked them ALL!! My favorite was the Adult white wolf hoodie and the raptor but I wouldn’t mind owning ANY of them and that’s rare-VERY cool!

  4. Debby Etling says

    Wow these are super cool. Love the cobra Hoodie to tell ya the truth they all are super cool. thank you

  5. Susan S.,TN says

    OMG, Luv it.. Everyone is going crazy with shark week and this shirt is awesome. I wish I could get in my size. Luv it, Thanks again for the giveaway..

  6. Renee Wright says

    My son would love to have some of these. I would have to say the shark and the raptor are my favorite (and his too)

  7. Carissa Joslyn says

    My son would be the happiest boy EVER if he had the Dinosaur/Raptor one :)
    we are all dinosaur fans here.

  8. justa sobriquet says

    I don’t see my previous post. I posted that my favourite hoodie was the dragon. Hope this one works.

  9. Kristy Paynter says

    I love them all! My boys would love any of the dino ones or shark…I personally like the treefrog, white wolf and cobra ones!

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