DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet instructions!

I love creating something new for any and EVERY Holiday!  My Niece is having her first child, so I wanted to make it extra special for her and her daughter :)

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

So if you like this amazing pic then keep reading and looking because I am going to give you every piece of knowledge you need to make this amazing

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet!

I used a bag of size 1 Huggies Diapers ( you can use whatever brand you like of course)

Tiny hair rubber bands (clear of course :) )

Pink and White Ribbon ( use and color you like)

Baby Magic Bath time Tub Gift Set

5 wash cloths

1 towel

a piece of card board for the top

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

Step ONE!  I the Rub a Dub Fun Tub.  I took everything out of it.

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

Step 2!  I rolled a single diaper up and secured it with the clear hair rubber bands.

Step 3!  I positioned them in a single row all the way around the tub from the Rub a Dub gift set.


DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

Step 4!  I secured all the single rolled diapers with a strand of pink ribbon!


DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

Step 5!  I then cut a piece of card board to fit the bassinet top!

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet

Step 6!  I then arranged the diaper to fan themselves on the card board.  I used a handy dandy chip clip to secure them while tying a piece of ribbon around the entire bassinet.

Step 7!  I then took a hooded baby Towel and placed the hooded part on the bassinet back cover and arranged it into the tub.

Step 8!  I placed the Baby Magic Lotion, Hair and Body wash, and lotion back into the tub.  I then arranged baby wash cloths and the rubber ducky pouf into the tub!

DIY Diaper Baby Bassinet is complete!  I hope you all enjoyed my instructions!  

Thank you for stopping by and checking out out newest Baby creation!  I hope that you keep checking back for all of our new ides!

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