Android Tablet Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro G2 7″ 8GB Review



Android Tablet Review!

Android Tablet

RadioShack has gave us this amazing opportunity to give review this Android Tablet Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro G2 7″ 8GB and give you our open and honest opinions!

I was so excited when Radio Shack agreed to allow us to review this Android Tablet!  We are going on vacation soon and I was hoping that this Android Tablet was going to help entertain the children as well as the adults!

Well my hoping is going to come true!

This Android tablet is super cheap, price wise), and has been super handy already and we haven’t even left for vacation yet!

Android Tablet Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro G2 7″ 8GB Features

Android Tablet

7″ Multitouch Screen (800X480 Pixels)

Powered by Android

WiFi enabled

Front Facing Camera .3MP

Video support

Audio Support

Picture Support

You can find all other Tech Specs HERE

You can get all of this for $99.00, don’t say cheap is NOT always good!

Android Tablet Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro G2 7″ 8GB as I told you is very cheap, but has a ton of great features and functions!  Why spend a ton of money when you do not have to?!  We absolutely love our new Android Tablet and I so know that you will too!

Jahmier sits on the couch and paints the most amazing pictures on our Android Tablet!  I am so glad that he is able to figure out his art talents before he goes back to school!  He is definitely not going to be an artist when he grows up, but he still has to pass the class!  He has been spending a ton of time painting and it is just about the same programs that they use in class, I hope his art teacher this year is impressed!

We have down loaded out Red Box and Netflix apps and the movies and shows play very well, no freezing at all!  I also have downloaded the WordPress App for my site so I am able to post on the go or just write a draft!  This is very handy when I am at soccer,tennis, lacrosse or basket ball practice!  I can get ahead now just watching the practices and getting work done at the same time!

Android Tablet Mach Speed Trio Stealth Pro G2 7″ 8GB can be Purchased on the RadioShack Website.  They also have a store finder in the case you didn’t know you had a RadioShack near you!

You can Fan RadioShack on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Follow On YouTube!

Thank you RadioShack for this awesome opportunity!!  Great tablet!

Thank you friends for stopping in to read our newest review!  Come back soon for more to come <3 Ditta!


  1. says

    My kids are constantly stealing my Kindle HD so the battery is always dead when I need it. I’ve been tempted to buy them their own but can’t stand the price tag. This is a great alternative! Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Wow, only $99?! That’s such a good deal! We HAD a iPad but when we went to do a software upgrade it crashed, it is now a $650 paperweight. We’re hoping they’ll replace it and are in talks with them right now to do so.

  3. Techie says

    Seriously? You call this a review? Well, at least it is not a great review. The only thing good about the review is the picture at the top or if you click the link to the specs. Being a dual core processor, 8Gb internal + Micro SD card slot with Android 4.0 makes it a good tablet. Noting in the review even alludes to what you get. One thing missing here is that it has 1Gb of RAM = Good; and a review list like you will find on Radio Shack or Amazon. Read those first before you buy. This is not a tablet for everyone, and remember it is NOT the same as a computer.

    • Dan says

      What! You did not like this review!? But they ended all of their sentences with exclamation marks! Not suspicious at all! So much enthusiasm! And the other reply’s are just awesome and nice!


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