Bluetooth Speaker US, UK, Canada 9/8

Bluetooth Spaeker

  Bluetooth Speaker is Sponsored by LuguLake and hosted by Mom Does Reviews and her fabulous blogger friends! Bluetooth Speakers are awesome!  I love how portable they are!  I take mine everywhere, and this one here is even cooler!  It has a stand to place your phone on!  That is something I never thought of […]

Holiday #Wreath #Giveaway US 9/10

Wreath 2

Holiday Wreath Giveaway is Sponsored and Hosted By Ditta’s Gifts and Savings! and a few amazing blogging friends! One of our amazing fans will be able to choose the wreath that they would like!  You can check out the selection HERE, Rhonda (Ditta) would like you to know that more will be added as they […]

Grilling Kit $100ARV US 9/7

Grilling Kit

  Grilling Kit Giveaway is sponsored by Holland House and hosted by Mom Does Reviews To be honest we grill YEAR ROUND!!  Who else is with us, because I know we are not alone here!!!  Nothing is better than placing that grilled, chicken, steak, fish, or even just grilled veggies on our plates year round! […]

Boogie Wipes and Kandoo US 9/12

Boogie wipes and kandoo

Boogie Wipes and Kandoo products are great for the entire family!  I even use them on Molly, our new Pug Puppy!  She is good at sticking her head in the bowl to get every last drop and then starts sneezing the food out of her little nostrils! Boogie Wipes and Kandoo Products come in a […]

Zuca backpack on wheels US 9/7

Zuca Backpack

  Zuca Backpack on Wheels is Sponsored by Z√úCA and hosted by Mom Does Reviews Zuca Backpack is going to be handy for anyone!!  Whether it is for a school age child, going on that awesome vacation or just going for an overnight somewhere!  I love that it has wheels, and wow, look how much room […]

BackPack and Swell Bottle US+CAN 9/3

Backpack and Swell Bottle

Backpack and Swell Bottle is Sponsored by: My Little Green Shop Hosted by: MommyFootprint Backpack and Swell bottle is going to be great for your little one that is going back to school, or even you as an adult that is furthering your education!   Win it for yourself or your little one!  Going back […]